Faberlic is the largest Russian direct sales company on the market, and the manufacture of unique patented oxygen cosmetic products that deliver oxygen deep within the layers of the skin. Faberlic also offers a whole range of products, including skin and haircare products, exclusive perfumes, decorative cosmetics, home and health products, linens and tights, and fashionable clothes.

In 2003, the Company entered the international market. Now Faberlic representative offices are open in 24 countries around the world, with delivery operations in 42 countries. More than 2 million Representatives cooperate with us in Europe and Asia. About 10 million consumers enjoy using Faberlic products every day!

Faberlic today holds more than 30 patents and is rated as one of the Top 100 international cosmetic companies

Faberlic is a sponsor of the environmental organization "ECA", which implements the programs "Green Cities" and "More Oxygen!". Through these programs, we have already planted more than 7 million trees in Russia.

Faberlic's own production is based on European quality standards, is equipped with the most advanced and environmentally friendly equipment, and contains automatic production and packaging lines. In terms of potential capacity and scale of production, the Faberlic factory is one of the largest cosmetic enterprises in Russia.

The development and production of Faberlic cosmetics complies with quality standards requirements.

Quality Management Systems used in the development, manufacture and supply of oxygen cosmetics meet the requirements of intergovernmental standard GOST ISO 9001-2011.Environmental Management Systems used in the development, manufacture and supply of oxygen cosmetics meet the requirements of national standard GOST ISO 14001-2007.

Product safety assessments are determined by using the “In Vitro” method. Products are not tested on animals.

Quality Management Systems used in the development, manufacture and supply of decorative cosmetics meet the requirements of international standard ISO 9001.

Member of the Direct Sales Association.

Member of the Russian Perfume and Cosmetic Association.



Faberlic is open to all and offers you several options of co-operation. After FREE registration you can select which way to go:

Become a VIP- Customer and buy great quality products for your health and beauty and for the comfort of your home with attractive discount of 25%.

Build your own profitable business and create your own team by offering Faberlic products to your friends, colleagues and local community and inviting them to join YOUR team. This way, your opportunities are endless!
At the very start of your journey with Faberlic your income consists of 2 components:

1. You save your family budget buying everything you need for your health and beauty and for your home with generous discounts.

2. You are recommending the products to your Customers (your friends, colleagues and everyone you know) and receive an instant income -- difference between price in a catalogue and Consultant's price.

You can than start expanding your income opportunities by inviting everyone who is interested in additional earnings (like yourself) to join your team. As your Business Group grows, you receive additional discounts and bonuses as per Marketing Plan.

Faberlic Business Strategy involves recognition of your achievements and assigning various statuses and qualifications (from Director to General Partner). The higher your status is -- the higher reward and income you get. Every new qualification brings your dreams closer!

Becoming a Consultant is easy. You do not need any additional education, experience or special business knowledge. Every step of your way you will receive help and support from your Group Leader (the person who invited you to the Team) and from the Company with additional training sessions, seminars, and motivational trips around the world.

It's all there! Just pick it up and join the success of Faberlic!


Faberlic Consultant is a person who decided to change the life for the better and build their own successful business in Direct Sales. The Company shares with Consultants new knowledge and information on the art of Beauty and Style and on how to make your home cosier, the Consultant then can share this knowledge with the other.

To be a Consultant means to feel and act as a Leader and as a Master of your own fortune. With help and support from the Company and your Group Leader you will be able to:

Learn everything about skincare, make-Up, fashion and trends, healthy lifestyle and caring for the comfort of your home.
Look great and share the beauty with all those who want to change themselves and the world around them.
Get a real feeling how small daily steps towards your dreams bring you really fantastic results.
Set greater targets and see them closer, day after day!
Master people's management skills and learn how to be an excellent Group Leader for your Team -- for all those who you invited to join the business.
Give other people opportunity to set new dreams and to make these dreams come true.
Discover new talents and to help everyone to grow their potential.
Join the team of successful people and start your way to your dreams today!


Everyone have heard many time how difficult it is to start your own business: find investors, raise initial capital or get a loan, and then put your funds under risk. Faberlic offers business of 21st Century -- without risks or investments.

Registration with Faberlic is free!

Business with Faberlic is your investment in your future. In modern era of internet and social networks the success of a business is driven by personal touch and honest relationships, business where everyone is fully dedicated to what they do and who represent their community, business where Leaders are happy to share their success with others.


Benefits of registering with Faberlic are seen instantly. You start earning even without any additional efforts: saving of a family budget is already quite a lot! Simply check how much your family spend every month on all the essentials like face cream, tooth paste, washing powder, washing-up liquid and so on...

If you purchase all these with a VIP Customer discount, you will have more money to spend on other little treats for yourself and your family, or save for a bigger purchase.

And if you like the products and recommend them to your friends, neighbours or colleagues, your income will grow even more: you will earn the difference between the catalogue price and Consultant's price which will become your additional profit. Every product a customer buys from you will give you an instant earning of up to 35% of the Catalogue price!


It will be up to you to decide what level of income you are aiming for. With Faberlic the limits are almost endless. Your dreams set your targets, and your commitment, your dedication and your abilities are your drivers which can be really unlimited!

Here you can reach the level of life you always dreamed of: provide the future for yourself and your family, travel around the world, buy everything you wish, including your dream property, and give presents your loved ones really deserve.

Faberlic has multiple career steps, and achieving each of them rewards you and opens new horizons to reach. Discover the steps you wish to make for yourself, whether it is simply an instant discount for the products you buy, or possibly partnership in any country of the world! Faberlic -- Your dreams come true!


In Faberlic we don't have employers or employees, everyone decides for themselves what part of their life the business will take. You spend as much time as you wish to develop as big of a business as you like!

Whether Faberlic becomes your hobby or your aim is to achieve the exceptional heights in business with opportunity of unlimited income -- the choice is yours. In modern world more and more companies offer potential for development without tight office rules. Because YOU are the only one who knows what you need, who understands fully your potential, who can clearly set and aim for the targets, and who knows better when and where to run and develop the business.

Meeting your friends for a coffee, planning master-classes at home or in your office (well, of cause you can open an office now as it is your business!), share the news and special offers online or by e-mails -- yes again, the choice is yours! YOU draw your own Development Plan, and your Group Leader and the Company will do all they can to support you!


In Faberlic there is no need to waste your time to find a unique scheme to develop your business. All the basics you need to succeed is already available from your Group Leader who has already started in this business earlier, or your next-in-line Director, who has achieved substantial results so far. Each of them will be happy to share their experience because your future success is the success of the whole Team! 

Each step of the Success Ladder has already been walked by thousands of Consultants. You are always free to ask anything you want about every step of your way. Regular seminars, webinars and business training sessions are specially organised to share the knowledge and expertise with all the novices.

Attendees of our training seminars and schools gain valuable knowledge in skincare, make-up, style and health, the knowledge you will be proud of sharing with the others.


In Faberlic you not only receive support at every step of your journey, you also meet real people who started this journey the same way as you do now, and have already achieved a lot with this business.

We do not have competitors over her, Faberlic Consultants are colleagues inspired by common ideas and driven by common targets. Results of your team are direct representation of your work as a Group Leader, their success is Your success. Each member of the team is an example and inspiration for the others, each can share their story of success and each can share their dreams to achieve even more! This is why Faberlic Consultants are united by something more than just business. They have common values: commitment to the business and the Team, believe in what they do, security in the future and aims and targets to climb.

Faberlic is a place to meet new friends who you will have a lot in common with and who will become an important part of your life.


Every year tens of thousands of people get happier and more beautiful using Faberlic products. For many their first meeting with a Faberlic Sales Consultant became a real gift. Some discovered new products and ranges they fell in love with; others challenged themselves to look younger and found their new styles; for a lot this meeting changed their lives completely and opened new opportunities for a wealthy future.

Isn't it nice and pleasant to share really good quality products with others? By doing this, you not only grow your income, you also improve your professional knowledge and expertise. You are never stand still with Faberlic -- it is all about ongoing personal and professional development, gaining new information about latest beauty trends and technologies, mastering people's skills and personal leadership qualities.

Health and beauty, new friends, ongoing personal growth and sense of complete freedom always closely follow those who chose to join the Team of Faberlic.