Faberlic is the largest Russian direct sales company on the market, and the manufacture of unique patented oxygen cosmetic products that deliver oxygen deep within the layers of the skin. Faberlic also offers a whole range of products, including skin and haircare products, exclusive perfumes, decorative cosmetics, home and health products, linens and tights, and fashionable clothes.

In 2003, the Company entered the international market. Now Faberlic representative offices are open in 24 countries around the world, with delivery operations in 42 countries. More than 2 million Representatives cooperate with us in Europe and Asia. About 10 million consumers enjoy using Faberlic products every day!

Faberlic today holds more than 30 patents and is rated as one of the Top 100 international cosmetic companies

Faberlic is a sponsor of the environmental organization "ECA", which implements the programs "Green Cities" and "More Oxygen!". Through these programs, we have already planted more than 7 million trees in Russia.

Faberlic's own production is based on European quality standards, is equipped with the most advanced and environmentally friendly equipment, and contains automatic production and packaging lines. In terms of potential capacity and scale of production, the Faberlic factory is one of the largest cosmetic enterprises in Russia.


Each event in your life, such as a date or business meeting, should be defined by its own unforgettable fragrance. That fragrance is what will later bring back memories of those romantic moments or professional victories.

Everyone who registers with Faberlic and make a purchase in period No.16/2018 will receive one of the 28 Faberlic fragrances* of your choice as a gift!

1. From 5 to 25 November, register on www.faberliceuropa.com and get 15% Cashback on all your purchases.

2. Before 25 November, pay for an order totaling 26,99EUR/ 23,99 GBP or more** (at catalogue prices)*.

3. From 26 November till 9 December, receive one of the thirty Faberlic fragrances of your choice** as a gift with your next order!

*For Her: Boquet d’Aurore (3002), Donna Felice (3109), Promenade (3176), Charmante (3183), Coquette (3174), Boquet de Nuit (3198), Melodie (3184), O Feerique Sensuelle (3129), Faberlic by Alena Akhmadullina (3199), Orangerie Orchidee (3187), Alatau (3120), Aora (3103), Orangerie Neroli (3166), O Feerique Emotionelle (3011), , Urban Legend (3035), Boquet de Jardin (3016), Cherchez la Femme (3160), Incognito (3177), Fantaisie (3179). 

For Him: Incognito (3217), Gentleman (3224), l’Esthete (3208), Pulse (3215), Alternative (3219), Vent d’Adventures (3203), Celsius (3220), Urban Legend (3233), Volcano (3225).

**Not including auto-delivery, service charges, and delivery fees..

Make purchases from each of the next 8 catalogues, and sets of hit Faberlic products will be yours at super prices: starting at 1,99 EUR/ 1,50 GBP 


Registration can take from 1 to 24 hours, after that: 

During the day you will receive on your phone 2 messages (SMS): 

 1 - our website, registration number and password for your Login;  

2 - the confirmation code.

 When you receive an SMS, you can immediately log into the website using your number and password. And when you log in, a window will appear on the screen for activation. Then - enter there your confirmation code from the second SMS. Do it once and you will have access to all promotions and gifts from catalogue. You will receive as well a letter in the e-mail that you have mentioned during registration.

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 Faberlic is a place to meet new friends who you will have a lot in common with and who will become an important part of your life.Health and beauty, new friends, ongoing personal growth and sense of complete freedom always closely follow those who chose to join the Team of Faberlic.