New Lines


Removes signs of fatigue in just a few minutes! A couple of drops of serum from the innovative Beautylab series is basic care for a natural glow.

Always be beautiful, even if you didn't get enough sleep! We created a line of express care to make your skin look well-rested in any situati

Anti-stress serum (0222) will quickly restore healthy complexion and return skin's radiance. It was created specifically for residents of large cities, where the intense rhythm does not allow you to spend a lot of time on care.

Active Phylderm Vegetal C 2 complex stimulates natural skin renewal, protects cells from negative environmental influences and prevents premature ageing.

Try Beautylab express care while the special price is in effect!


Summer breathes a gentle warmth and pampers us with bright sunshine. Catch the mood of freedom and lightness, try on shades of khaki and sand, and wear dazzling white lace - from the new Breath of Summer collection.

The jumpsuit is the perfect choice for anyone who can allow themselves to relax, but still prefer elegance even in hot weather. Choose the long jumpsuit for the office, and the short one for walks and meeting with friends.

Natural cotton is your salvation in the heat. And decorated with exquisite embroidery, a basic model turns into a romantic dress, perfect for dates. Transform into a princess right now! Add brightly coloured accessories to a snow-white embroidered cotton model.

Do you love a unique cut? Then the dark blue wide-sleeved blouse will have a worthy place in your wardrobe! The dramatic loose silhouette will help you stay comfortable on even the hottest day. And the unique long sleeves will appeal to lovers of fantasy romance.

The new summer collection wouldn't be complete without references to the fantastical Orient– decorative tassels, geometric patterns and loose draping. Everything that you love about a fashionable summer is already in Faberlic catalogues!


An active lifestyle is not only trendy, but also really fun! So that you can be in motion all the time and everywhere, surround yourself with pleasant things for a bright mood. Find your fragrance, the one that will inspire you to new victories, in the new Sportlife collection!

Sportlife Aero (3038) is a fresh, floral-marine scent for her. Weightless but dynamic, it will help you ascend to the next height. The marine accord will fill you with energy, juicy bergamot will give you a second wind, and delicate lily-of-the-valley will accentuate the beauty of each moment.

Sportlife Active (3039) is a fruity fragrance for her. It is a dynamic composition of bright citrus, rich blackcurrant and delicious apple. Paint your training in summer colours, and start your new life right now!

Sportlife Football (3239) is a fruity-woody fragrance for him. The mix of invigorating grapefruit, juicy apple and luxurious woody notes will appeal to fans of one of the most exciting sports.

Sportlife Ice (3238) is a cool aquatic fragrance for him. It is woven from lemon leaves and the inimitable freshness of Siberian pine. The trail is luxurious sandalwood and a clear note of oak moss.


Look for new products for super-efficient workouts in the new Faberlic catalogue!

The fitness ball (11496) will help to strengthen your abs, back and legs, and teach you to keep your balance and stay toned. Use the fitball during strength training and for stretching.

The new jump rope (11418) will be your new favourite accessory! Jumping strengthens all muscle groups, and can even replace a run. Practice and keep track of your results- the handle counter will show the number of jumps.

The acupuncture gymnastic disc (11415) combines training with foot massage. Use it to work your obliques.

The arm trainer (11473) tightens and strengthens your biceps, triceps, back muscles, chest, and shoulder girdle. Suitable for any fitness level!

The roller (11417) is designed to strengthen your abs, back, and shoulders. The ergonomic handles provide comfort, and the steady double wheel makes training effective and safe.

The expander with adjustable load (11416) is suitable for both men and women! This versatile accessory will be useful for both experienced and novice athletes.


Working on a perfect figure? Strike a blow to excess centimetres in three areas – combine healthy eating, fitness and active body cosmetics! Use Expert serum to get results even faster.

An active serum for figure correction (1211) works thanks to brown algae and caffeine extracts - it combats cellulite and smooths skin surface. The product absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky feeling.

Brown algae extract Slendyl® breaks down fat cells, removes excess fluid from tissues, and increases skin's tone and elasticity. This proven ingredient in anti-cellulite cosmetics relieves puffiness and nourishes skin.

Caffeine stimulates the breakdown of fat cells, increasing metabolism. Once in the skin, it improves microcirculation, tones, and makes skin soft and velvety.


Are you ready for summer? Do you have a romantic sea-green or coral lingerie set yet? It's time to gift yourself some elegant new clothes which will make the warm season especially bright!

Say hello to these new products from the Italian designer Paola Maltese – comfortable and elegant. The delicate lace Dantelle collection does not restrict movement and emphasizes the feminine shape, and the soft-cup bra provides support while remaining light and seductive. This is lingerie for hot days and romantic evenings.

This demure shade of pink is one of the season's fashion trends, and sea-green is a sign of a carefree vacation on the coast.

Paint summer in your favourite colours right now!


Strawberry Cat will help a little Princess stay in a good mood. The bright berry flavour will make daily skin care easy and enjoyable. Help children learn to care for themselves from a very young age!

Kids' Wet Wipes (2439) will help you quickly clean hands and faces. The wipes smell like delicious fresh strawberries – you'll want to breathe in again and again. Teach your baby good hygiene and let curious little noses delight in the berry fragrance!

Kids' hand cream (2447) moisturizes skin and protects against chapping. You can walk from morning until evening, just don't forget to take the cream with you and use it regularly. A little pixie's first cosmetics should be not only fun, but also completely safe - so we use gentle formulas with candy fragrances for BB girl series products.


If you're lucky and have your own land to work, don’t waste time- enjoy every minute spent in nature! Caring for your plot can be easy and pleasant if you put your soul into it, and have a convenient and modern inventory. The summer season is in full swing, and hand tools for your garden, flower garden or garden beds have appeared in the Faberlic catalogue.

These tools, which easily fit in one hand, will help you conveniently dig, plant, fertilize, and hoe soil. The ergonomic handles made of thermoplastic rubber mean that the tool stays securely in your hand, and they have holes for hanging. The durable metal of the working parts will not bend or break.

Compact hand cultivators, weeders and shovels are excellent for taking care of vegetable beds, seedlings in greenhouses, flower beds, bushes and flowers under cover. They will easily handle all your weeding, helping you deal with weeds and quickly re-pot young plants.