New Lines


Meet the permanent cream hair dye with innovative color-sealing technology – the Expert Color series from Faberlic.

Maximum Color permanent dye will help give hair the shade of your dreams! Color locktechnology locks in the color along the whole length of each hair and prevents it from washing out, to keep you delighted with your rich color for even longer. The cream with sheathlike texture reliably covers gray, and, thanks to nourishing oils, maintains hair's softness and natural shine.

Amla oil intensively nourishes hair along the entire length, restores its structure, and smoothes the surface– your locks become obedient and shiny.

Moringa oil helps hair grow and renew itself, and nourishes the hairline follicles.

Extend the shine of your color and give your hair deep care! Add Expert hair series concentrate ampoules to your dye: restore the strength and health of your hair as you dye!


You skin can breathe even deeper! Oxygen care gives it energy and helps fight stress – new products in the Oxiology series are great for any skin type.

Oxygen booster (0281) works by itself or paired with your face cream. In just two weeks, it improves the overall condition of your skin, and overcomes dullness and signs of fatigue. The product, based on a patented oxygen complex, intensively nourishes and moisturizes skin, helping it to strengthen its natural protection. Use the booster if you need to enhance the effect of a cream and quickly get a healthy complexion!

The Oxygen hydration line delivers moisture to the deepest layers of the skin. Oils and amino acids in combination with the oxygen complex act instantaneously, and with each application, the affect accumulates!

Night face mask (0263) intensively moisturizes while you sleep, evens skin tone, and returns elasticity to your skin.

Night cream (0261) restores water balance, gradually making skin soft and matte.

Day cream-fluid (0260) keeps moisture in your skin and refreshes your complexion.


This series from Renata Litvinova is a triumph of style and absolute femininity. Luxurious design in the colors of jewels and shining gold turns ordinary objects into works of art! Each of them is a fragment of talent, where every small detail is important.

We're making ordinary things special. Fill your weekdays with radiant beauty and pamper yourself with pleasant little surprises. Let's meet some new products for stylish makeup!

Powder brush (11372) with long bristles quickly and securely locks makeup in place. The round, voluminous brush is excellent for compact powder and absolutely necessary for powder pearls. It helps you use products frugally and apply a perfectly thin layer. This elegant accessory won't slip out of your hand, the bristles are easy to wash, and they keep their form when not being used.

Two-sided mirror (11393) will be a true decoration for your makeup bag. This compact gold-and-scarlet accessory opens with a single movement and, with proper care, will serve you for many years to come. The top panel is an ordinary mirror, and the bottom panel has 2x magnification.


The new pieces of the perfume constructor from Faberlic will delight romantics and help you breathe in a full breath of the tender fragrance of spring. Use one at a time or combine them with other single-note fragrances from the series!

Amber (3033) is the rich scent of precious amber. A warming and soothing note. Add it to floral-fruity mixes to make them even more feminine and seductive!

Mandarin (3032) is a juicy citrus scent, piercing and sparkling. It gives energy and a festive feeling, and helps cope with stress and find solutions to confusing problems. A sweet note of freshness and Mediterranean abundance.

Violet (3034) is the soft scent of blossoming violets, delicate and mysterious. Paired with musk or amber, it will become the basis of an evening perfume, and with citrus in accompaniment, sounds a bright, sunny chord!

In catalogue №5, any of the new fragrances in the series can be purchased for only 199 roubles! 
And our virtual assistant will help you find the perfect combination.


The Faberlic MEN series was designed to meet all the needs of men's skin. We've filled it with products for super-gentle shaving, efficient cleansing, and absolute freshness. And with the football World Cup approaching, we've developed a special design for all fans of this energetic, spectacular, truly manly sport!

Shaving gel (0572) helps protect skin from cuts and irritation. Doesn't foam, which makes the shaving process easier to control! Suitable for sensitive skin.

Cream-balm (0570) softens and moisturizes skin after shaving. The smooth texture of the cream prevents dryness and redness, and protects sensitive skin from microtears.

2 in 1 shampoo and shower gel (0571) is great for cleansing skin, hair, and beards. The toning formula with ginseng extract energizes and helps fight stress.

Bar soap (0573) with an antibacterial effect gently cleanses the skin of the face, hands, and whole body. For true fans of this beautiful game, we've created soap in a new football design!

Give your loved ones the gift of efficient care and a winning mindset, and Faberlic will delight you with enticing bonuses! While catalogue №5 is valid, buy any two limited edition products at a special price.


Our day begins and ends in the bathroom. In here, we want absolute comfort and the pleasant feeling of being clean and well-groomed. The bathroom is a place of relaxation, a place where it's especially important to surround yourself with beautiful things! New products from Faberlic will help you create coziness in even the most modest bathroom – delight in a celebration of your favourite color and elegant texture.

The shower curtain will be the predominant feature of the whole composition. It is not just protection against splashing water, but also a central element of the interior, and so you need to choose its design carefully. Cool colors energize you with cheerfulness, and warm ones create a leisurely mood of relaxation. Change the shower curtain at least once every six months to mark the changing of the seasons and refresh the appearance of your bathroom.

The Ceramics set for storing toothbrushes and soap gives completeness to the interior – the small but stylish pieces will delight perfectionists who value beauty in details. Don't forget to wash and disinfect the toothbrush holder once a week and get rid of soap stains.

Towels are a necessity in every bathroom. There should always be at least three, and a few more will come in handy if you're expecting guests. Don't slack when it comes to dividing towels by size and purpose – this will save time and energy during washing, and make your bathroom a model of comfort!


Emoji fashion is a global trend! Cheerful smiles send positive energy to people of all ages and professions. The language of eloquent symbols is clear without a single word, and helps millions of people to share their emotions. Falsehood and ambiguity is an unknown concept for emojis! And they also decorate some practical new pieces from Faberlic.

We decorated knit sweatshirts with sequin appliqués. To change the picture, swipe it with your hand, and the usual smile will transform into a romantic symbol of love. Let everyone around you know what you're feeling, and watch the smiles get even bigger!

Slip-ons with textile uppers will come in handy this spring. This kind of shoe is great for an April walk in the park, overcoming not just distances, but also former anxieties. The universal model stays on reliably without laces or fasteners, and the emoji appliqués add a great mood – it seems that you'll have some time to just dream!


Bodysuits first entered the wardrobes of fashionistas in the mid-20th century, and since then, they've managed to win the trust of women all over the world. Bodysuits can be worn as underwear, casual clothes, or even an evening outfit! They can be in any cut or fabric, but the principle, impossible not to appreciate, remains that they are truly convenient.

A blouse that does not need to be adjusted, a shirt that is always in place, a turtleneck that sits perfectly at any moment – all this can be said about a bodysuit. It was worth combining traditional clothing pieces with a sport swimsuit, as the problem of extra bunching and riding up completely disappeared. Now there are comfortable and practical bodysuits in the most popular shades in the Faberlic catalogue!

Bodysuits made of moisture-retentive viscose will add to a straight-laced office look and a romantic outfit. Cropped sleeves work for women of any height, and a round neckline and fitted cut will help create a graceful silhouette. Wear high-waisted skirts and trousers with a bodysuit – your waistline will look flawless!


See-through lace looks seductive and bold, and graceful floral appliqués are romantic and touching!  Meet the new design from Paola Maltese – the delicate Ivet lingerie set.

Combine the style of the deadly beauty and the dreamy princess! Thin lace and see-through mesh don't stop this lingerie from being practical: For those who value comfort, there is a high waist and wide straps. Underwire models gently mold to the bust and create a graceful silhouette! Floral appliqués decorate the set subtly and carefully – the design keeps the lingerie invisible under clothes.

The color schemes of the new sets are perfect for evening attire. Rich tones of violet, dark red, and black are designed for a luxurious holiday!